Monday, April 2, 2012

Ford Law Workers Compensation Spokane

Workers Compensation
Representation For On-The-Job Injuries
If you were injured at work we can help you. The law requires that your employer or the Department of Labor and industries pays for certain expenses related to your injury at work. These benefits include but are not limited to compensation for time lost and medical expenses, as well as loss of earning power. When your claim is closed, you can cash the check sent to you without foregoing your right to have your claim reviewed as long as you, or this office on your behalf, appeals in a timely manner any order received by you. When your workers compensation benefits are not fully provided to you, you have the right to protect your rights in court.
Our goal is to help you obtain all the benefits to which you are entitled under the Industrial Insurance Act. At many of the firms you do not get to speak to your attorney. At Ford Law Offices, P.S. we strive to make our attorney’s available to answer your questions. We give you the personal service you deserve. Please give us a call 509-924-2400 for your free consultation.
Our Service is Right for You.
One of our key areas of focus at Ford Law Offices, P.S. is resolving workers compensation issues. Our attorneys have experience in personal injury, worker’s compensation and disability cases.
We want to help you with your workers compensation or Labor & Industries (L&I) claim.
• Filing for permanent partial disability
• Filing for occupational disease or repetitive trauma claims
• Review of your file to ensure maximum benefit
• Denial of an application to reopen your claim
• Widow or widower claims
• Filing pension claims
• Representation when you’ve been denied time off, have lost wages or been denied medical treatment
• Assistance in acquiring vocational training
• Representation against harassment or breach of civil rights by an employer
• Filing crime victims claims
• Filing a claim to review the permanent partial disability awarded to you, which is not a settlement payment, but a right, so you can cash the award check and still appeal if you act timely from the date of the award
• We will review your case to see if we can work on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee mean that you do not pay any attorney fees until you’ve recovered compensation. If you think you may have a workers compensation claim, or want to ensure that the benefits being offered are fair under the law, please contact one of our offices; the initial review of your claim is free.
Take advantage of our free initial consultation by calling us today at 1.866528.7577 or e-mail us. We offer a no risk opportunity to speak to a lawyer about your workers compensation issue

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