Monday, June 11, 2012

Should I get an Attorney?

Many people ask me whether they need an attorney to navigate the L & I process in Washington.  As with all things an attorney is not required, however; recommended.  The Department does not have the injured worker's best interest at heart when it reviews your claim.  The Department is seeking to process the claim as quickly as possible.  They want to eliminate time loss, Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) claims and vocational benefits.  From their perspective the government is spending too much money on these types of claims.  They are encouraged to save costs and eliminate exposure where possible.  Frankly, they are just doing their job.
However, they know how to influence the data to get a claim closed sooner than may be beneficial for you.  That is why an attorney is advantageous.  An attorney does not get paid unless he or she is getting you a benefit.  It is in the attorney's best interest to make sure your rights are protected.  While you may not need to retain an attorney in your particular case the sooner you talk to one the more likely you are to be protected during the process.  If you have any other questions please contact me through our website

Do I report an Injury at Work?

The biggest problem with work related injuries is that they are not timely reported.  If you are injured at work go tell your supervisor.  Ask for a report of accident form and immediately write down what happened to you, who witnessed and when it occurred.  Employers, as a rule, are suspicious of claims that are not reported as soon as possible.  Employers tend to be more likely to fight an accident claim if it is not immediately reported.  While your employer may like you, they do not want to pay for an injury a work.  In my experience employers will fight claims that are not quickly reported.
They also tend to fight claims for any injuries that occurred on Monday mornings.  In their experience it is the employee trying to claim a weekend injury as work related.  To avoid the hassle report your injury as soon as it occurs.  Give the employer witnesses to talk to and you are more likely to get a claim up and going as soon as you are hurt.  If you have trouble with your claim give an experienced workers compensation attorney a call to help you resolve the issues.  If you have any questions please give me a call. 
 Disclaimer.  These blogs are meant to be helpful in understanding the process and in no way should be considered legal advice regarding your claim.  Please contact my office if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your claim.